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REVIEW: Spring Breakers

REVIEW: Spring Breakers

4 friends-since-childhood-college girls have one goal: to save up enough money to go on a wild  and crazy spring break in Florida.  Their solution:  going on a robbery spree, where they terrorize locals with water pistols.  Yeah- leave reality behind, friends.  The violence and depravity are downhill from there and go totally off the ledge when the girls  meet up with a local rapper/thug. James Franco totally grabs the limelight as Alien , taking center stage the  second he appears on screen as a gold-toothed, corn-rowed, tattooed thug. 

Depending on your perspective, this is either a high-concept provocative satire of  partying college kids movies or a morally  reprehensible, salacious, titillating , no-where-grounded-in reality comedy.

Whatever your take, it’s a career changer for Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens: a total rebellion against their Disney and, in the case of Hudgens, “High School Musical” roots. For Hudgens, that means girl-on-girl action and some brief nudity. Gomez doesn’t go quite that far. She’s the first to sense the horror yet to come, and boards a bus to head back to  her boring school life.

The violence becomes absurd. This one’s all about shock value.

2 stars


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