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REVIEW: Identity Thief

REVIEW: Identity Thief

There is one reason to see this film: Melissa McCarthy. She  just lights up the screen. Even when the material goes into “Three Stooges”-violent-mode, she’s still ridiculously funny.  Quite simply- she’s the funniest woman in the business these days.

McCarthy steals the identity of  gender-neutrally-named Sandy (Bateman) , maxing out his credit cards , ruining his credit rating,  and pretty much puts  him on the verge of a destroyed life. He has a week to fix the mess or lose the fantastic new job he just landed. Oh- and he’s also a wanted criminal  thanks to his identity  robber.  So, he travels across the country, with the intention of bringing her back with him to confess all to his new boss. Yeah- not exactly rooted in reality .

Amada Peet had little to do as Sandy’s wife other than look alternately exuberant and troubled. Jon Favreau is underused as a boss-from-hell.

While this one’s all over the place, as the road trip unfolds with some hits and some  misses, I guarantee you will laugh out loud. A lot.   Who needs a better recommendation than that??

 3 stars


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